Finally! A bread I like

So one of the big struggles for me has been living without flour. I love baked goods of all forms and thankfully there are a lot of wheat free desserts that have been keeping me sane but I have been struggling to find a bread product that I actually enjoy.

While technically not a bread, I found gluten free English Muffins at Trader Joe’s today and they are one of the best things I’ve tried so far. They are obviously not the same as regular English Muffins but they are still soft and spongy which has been something that has been missing from all of the other gluten free bread products I’ve tried.

A couple of warnings:

These are not available at all Trader Joe’s. To find out if they might be available in your area check out Dietary Lists: Gluten Free | Trader Joe’s.

Not all gluten free products are FODMAP safe. There are certain wheat substitutes that are banned on the elimination diet so do your research before purchasing. In this case the flours were rice, soybean, and tapioca which are all perfectly safe.


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