Sorry for the absence

I’m so sorry I have been a bit MIA from here lately. You can blame a variety of factors but the major two have been health and my lack of a reliable stove.

The first is pretty obvious. My health is the whole reason this blog exists and it has been a bit of a physical and emotional roller coaster lately.

My stove in my apartment when I first moved in was just small and had a wonky oven. I eventually got used to the size and the crazy all over the place temperatures my oven would toss at me. However, the final straw came when my one large burner broke free. After making pouty faces at my landlady I have a brand new stove that I have officially christened with a wheat and lactose free bread pudding. I kind of winged the recipe to make it work in my excitement of having a stove but I’ll perfect it and get it up at some point.


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