You might not have heard the news but Nestle has launched a line of low FODMAP meal replacement drinks. For all of us who are low FODMAP long term that is great news. They worked with nutritionists across the country who specialize in FODMAP diets, including my own, and while they didn’t take all of the advice given to them they took a majority of it.

ProNourish¬†isn’t really all that surprising to come from Nestle. Their Boost High Protein was already pretty FODMAP friendly. The exciting bit is that they are actually marketing and acknowledging the restrictions imposed by digestive health issues.

As far as flavor, the vanilla is pretty much exactly the same as the High Protein. Not terrible but also definitely needs to be enjoyed cold. The strawberry-banana has a very potent banana flavor. I don’t mind it but I usually end up using it in smoothies instead of drinking it straight.

Who else has tried it?


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